What tools do you need to Seal a Driveway?

What tools do you need to Seal a Driveway?

When it comes to sealing a driveway, there are a range of tools that you will need to ensure the project is completed correctly. You should gather your tools before you start to seal your driveway, as you do not want to be in the middle of completing your project and discover that you are missing tools.

  • Sealer

The most important tool you will need is a high-quality sealer, which should be applied in layers and allowed enough time to dry. We have a large range of sealers from block paving to imprinted concrete sealers, our sealers protect your driveway from harmful elements.

Our block paving sealers will make sure you get the best from your block paving for a longer time period than if you left it unsealed. Even if you’re paving is a few years old, or it’s been a while since you carried out any maintenance on your block paving, you can still clean and re-seal it to brighten up the finish and bring your block paved surface back to life.

  • Squeegee/Roller

Once the sealer has been applied, you will need a tool to spread it, such as a squeegee or a roller. Regarding larger driveways, a roller might be more useful as it’s a larger tool compared to a squeegee. However, with smaller projects you can simply use a brush.

Here at Swiss Seal, we provide a professional roller and tray set with a 15” paint scuttle and 12” deep pile roller, extendable telescopic pole. This is an easy way of applying our sealing and cleaning solutions onto block paving, concrete, stone, and imprinted concrete pathways and drives.

Sealer Application Safety Pack – Gloves, Goggles & Face Mask
Whilst you apply the sealer you must wear the correct protective eyewear and gloves to protect yourself from any fumes or splashes during the process. A face mask is also included for the safe application of our solvent products.
Another tool you will need is a pressure washer with detergent to remove dirt, grime, and oil before sealing the driveway.

• Sealant Sprayer
Another tool we recommend using is a sealant sprayer. Our sealant sprayer is designed and suitable for spraying all our different sealer solution options and is very easy to use, saving you a great deal of time when applying a driveway or patio sealer.

We stock an imprinted concrete crack repair kit, which fills fine cracks and surface abrasions in pattern imprinted concrete. We should mention that this should be used before re-sealing, and NOT afterwards.   

We also supply a surface repair kit, which should also be used prior to re-sealing.


Here at Swiss Seal, we stock a variety of high quality tools, from roller kits to specially adapted sprayers to help you seal a driveway. If you’re relatively new to sealcoating and decide to complete the project yourself, you will need to buy the necessary tools.

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