Is it Better to Brush, Roller or Squeegee when sealing a Driveway?

Is it Better to Brush, Roller or Squeegee when sealing a Driveway?

When sealing a driveway, you may find it difficult to decide which method is best. Ultimately, the factors you should consider should be the size of your driveway, how much time you have available, and your level of skill in each of these techniques when deciding which method is best for you when sealing your driveway.


Here at Swiss Seal, we believe the best way of keeping the area to be sealed free from mistakes like brushing onto a wall or door or splashing greenery. You can use the paint brush all around the edge of the sealing area possibly 4 – 6 inches into the area to be sealed.

You will also need either a broom or brush. Simply open the container that you have chosen based on your square meter area needing to be sealed. Pour into a bucket or similar with enough depth to submerge the bristles on the brush. Pull the brush out with a back and forward motion and brush the solution onto the surface. Try your best to spread it as evenly as you can, then move to the next section. Repeat this process till the area is fully covered with the sealant.

Roller and Tray Set

Rollers provide homeowners with many advantages, as they are affordable, easy to use and provide brilliant coverage all the way to the edges of your installation. Applying the sealer with a roller and tray set is much easier than the other methods we have mentioned and gives an even coating.

Pour the sealant into the 15-litre shuttle which is part of the kit and make sure there is enough driveway sealer to cover the roller head. Next, attach the extendable handle to the metal frame and screw the roller in place in the head. When using a roller, submerge it into the sealer and pull it out onto the surface soaked.


Most people refer to the squeegee as an object that dries a surface by pushing the liquid away in one direction. However, once the sealcoat is placed onto the asphalt driveway surface, you can either manually or with a machine, use a squeegee to apply liquid into the surface of the asphalt, providing significantly deeper coverage than the surface level application of the sprayer.


A brush, roller, and squeegee are all effective tools when sealing a driveway, however, as we have discussed throughout this article, there are clear differences between these tools. To achieve a successful seal, you can utilise all the products we have suggested. However, if you have a relatively small budget, and ideally are searching for one tool, then we would recommend the Roller and tray set.

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