Cleaners and Jointing Compounds

Patio & Driveway Cleaners
A range of cleaning products, cleaning solutions and cleaning chemicals for a range of surfaces including Driveways, Patios, Decking and artificial grass


Here at Swiss Seal, we formulate and manufacture a range of high-quality cleaning products, cleaning solutions and cleaning chemicals for a range of surfaces including Driveways, Patios, Decking and artificial grass; in fact, all exterior surfaces with new products are continuously being added to our expanding range.


Included in our range of cleaning solutions is our Clean It Patio and Driveway cleaner which is an extremely powerful and effective cleaner that comes in a 5L container. It thoroughly cleans and powers through stubborn dirt and grime, creating instantly visible cleaner surfaces. This cleaner removes black spots from block paving, concrete or natural stone with great ease.

Patio Cleaners

With four powerful active ingredients, including a biocide to inhibit future growth, the Clean It patio and driveway cleaner can be used on block paving, concrete flags, steps, paths and other outdoor hard surfaces and it even works on outdoor areas that have been neglected for years. This cleaning solution is easy to apply with a watering can or pump sprayer. Just apply and then leave it to work for a minimum of 1-2 hours before rinsing for best results!


A 5-litre container of this cleaner is enough to treat approximately 25 square metres of driveway or patio which should be ample for most home applications.

In addition to patio and driveway cleaners, we also manufacture a range of cleaning chemicals specifically for areas of decking. This includes our own Shift-It Decking Cleaner Concentrate, which is a concentrated, powerful, fast acting decking cleaner that quickly removes lichen, green algae and dirt on wooden decks and garden furniture. One application and you will be amazed at the results, bringing your outdoor decking and wooden furniture back to life in an instant and once dry, the decking cleaner is safe for children and pets.


With more active ingredient than most other outdoor decking cleaning fluids, Shift-It Decking Cleaner Concentrate really is the better way to clean and revive your outdoor area with very little effort required at all! And this concentrated decking cleaner fluid is all you need to keep your garden looking clean and fresh all year round. The 5 litres of concentrated decking cleaner will treat approximately 125 square metres of the wooden surface. Simply dilute the concentrate with water to a maximum of 1 part Shift-It Decking Cleaner Concentrate to 5 parts cold clean water, for maximum performance and efficiency.


Also included in our range of cleaning solutions is the Shift-It Artificial Grass Cleaning Concentrate which can be used on all types of artificial grass including tennis courts, artificial bowling greens and synthetic lawns. Ideal for homes with dogs and other pets, this artificial grass cleaner gets to work straight away, destroying odours and leaving behind a lovely freshly cut grass fragrance!